The primary objective of GC is the transition of males into gentlemen. This process begins by “capturing” these young men and helping them to see themselves differently and in turn, the world will perceive them differently. There are numerous clubs within the United States from Texas, Kansas, Florida, South Carolina, Michigan to Ohio. The focus is on education, attendance and behavior.

For the first time, many parents begin to attend meetings of the school board and PTA. This level of involvement strengthens community and school relations. Mr. Peters quotes “90% of school problems are caused by 10% of the population. Through the GC process, we help parents establish positive relationships with schools, which enables them to become part of the solution not the problem”.

GC is a leadership/mentoring program geared towards increasing student engagement and motivation through relationship and career building, role-models and mentors, service to the community and male-friendly activities. The GC curriculum includes weekly lessons that guide students through areas ranging from, but not limited too, responsibility, etiquette, dignity, and patience. Students meet weekly and are appropriately dressed in white shirts, ties, pants and belts. Weekly progress reports are completed by teachers and incorporated into a point system i.e. appropriate attire, academic performance, attendance and behavior. High points allow participation in extracurricular activities.

GC targets young men in elementary, middle and high school.

Download Sample Curriculum here: GC Curriculum Year 1| GC Elementary School | GC Middle School | GC High School

 Members of the GC

Members of the GC